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Former Benedict XVI Reveals His Feelings To Anti-Church Newspaper

The former Benedict XVI wrote a thank-you letter to the journalist Massimo Franco of the anti-Church daily Corriere della Sera. The letter was published by the Italian newspaper on February 7. Franco had told Benedict that many readers of the Corriere were allegedly "worrying" about the former pope's health condition.

In his reply Benedict XVI writes. “While my physical forces are slowly declining, I am interiorly on a pilgrimage toward home.” And, “It is a big grace for me to be surrounded in this last stretch of road which at times is a bit tiring, by such love and kindness that I could never have imagined."

There is little doubt that the Corriere's reason to write to Benedict was not "love" or "kindness" but a commercial interest.

Hmm....and THIS sounds like Benedict? I don't think so.
Toward his pilgrimage toward home he should not forget those who needed such love and kindness when he was at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
You also must stop the printing of all 35 books you wrote since they all have multiple heresies and correct anything you can from the past. And pray to our blessed mother who is the mother for all hopeless cases.
Do it right bendict your confession must be done in the old way by the traditional rite of confession not reconciliation. And done by a legitimate and real priest who was ordained by the old rite of ordination. Yes yes that's right you have to go to the sspx for help.the one you tryed to destroy and you must do this in public.
I should think Mr Benedict there would be nothing else on your mind but the thought of being pardon, receiving absolution and remission for your grave sins and above all severe penance to atone for them. Although you are not a bishop or ever was a pope you are a priest ordained by the old Holy rite of ordination. You above all should understand your soul is in great danger with the little time … More