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House of Loreto: Altar Replaced by Table

The altar in the famous House of Loreto in central Italy has been replaced by a table which allows to "preside" the Novus Ordo liturgy facing the pews instead of facing God, reported on September 12.

Today, the House of Loreto is located inside the big basilica of Loreto. It is the house of the Holy Family in Nazareth where the Incarnation of Christ took place. According to the witness of the old, it was brought by angels to Loreto.

During the 1990s Cardinal Ratzinger celebrated Holy Mass several times in the House facing the Lord.

Thank you Caroline, zig had no idea.
I would love to visit someday.....
History repeats itself.

During the time of the Macabbean revolt - the same situation had taken place in the Jewish Temple. There were 5 invalid High Priests who usurped the authority of True High Priests and they altered the Liturgy - invalidated the Sacrifice - and placed a new Altar "up and against" the Holy Altar used for the Traditional worship in the Temple in Jerusalem.

Some, fled to the … More
And bolted down in the past five years.
I only wish I was there and had a 20 pound sledge hammer. The bishops love the table because it's so protestant, just like them.
A lot of them have been bolted down in ancient churches and basilicas all over Rome.