Barcelona Cardinal Investigated By Police After Having Defrocked Priest

Police is investigating modernist Barcelona Cardinal Juan José Omella, 73, for falsification of documents.

In 2017, Omella defrocked Father Miguel Àngel Barco for having fathered a daughter with a 19-year-old mother.

Barco disproved this allegation with a paternity test that Omella never forwarded to Rome. He also states that Omella never confronted him with the whole documentation on the case which is a crime in Spain.

The case is explosive because Omella was the main force behind the defenestration of the conservative Archbishop Manuel Ureña Pastor, 74, of Zaragoza in 2014 because Ureña had paid 60'000 Euros to an adult deacon who allegedly had been “homosexually harassed” by the same Barco against whom then no action was taken.

According to the modernist (Jun 19) Omella had personal reasons to defrock Barco because, if Barco were declared innocent, it would have come to light that there was no reason to remove Archbishop Ureña except Omella's ambition because at the time he wanted to become Ureña's successor.

Picture: Juan José Omella, #newsUdttdirjkk