Abuse Hoax: Homosexual Attempt to Frame Paris Nuncio Fails

According to media reports, another [fake] abuse complaint has been made against Archbishop Luigi Venture, the Apostolic Nuncio in France.

Ventura is accused of having fondled a man during a December 11 gathering of the Amitié France Italie in the Paris Hotel Meurice although dozens of potential witnesses were present.

This time, the hoax has been debunked by the vaticanista Salvatore Izzo who was there.

In an interview with (February 20) Izzo said,

“I was present during this specific encounter of the Amitié France Italie. I was near Ventura all the time while the prelate was in the hotel. I never distanced myself from him for more than a few meters. For the rest, the lounge was not very big. Therefore, I would have noticed any anomaly regarding him. But I repeat: Nothing unusual happened. This is obviously slander.”

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No one cares if the accusations are false. The accusers and the media just want some cheep slander.