Young Man Who Stopped Gay March: “I Want To Be A Priest”

Jakub Baryła, 15, who singlehanded confronted a 1000 men gay march in Płock, Poland, on Saturday and was carried away by policemen, wants to become a priest (video below).

Gay-propaganda media accused Baryła of having used his resistance to foster a political career. But he wrote on Twitter, “This is not true; I don't want to be a politician, I want to become a priest”.

His parents have “leftist views” but Jakub is “Catholic, traditionalist, conservative and patriotic."

He said that a similar gesture by Father Ignacy Skorupko during the 1920 Warsaw battle against the Bolsheviks inspired him.

Baryła told that at first he didn’t dare to confront the gay march fearing “social consequences.”

But when he saw a blasphemous representation of Our Lady of Częstochowa with a rainbow halo he changed his mind.

He asked a Płock parish priest for a crucifix, sat down with it on the ground and started praying the Latin Salve Regina. Riot police carried him away. He called the policemen’s behavior “impeccable.”

Baryła understood that he was guided by God, “Jesus and the cross opposed evil and sins.”


Celebrated hero
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2019 state of affairs in one image.
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May God bless you.
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"accused Baryla of having used his resistance to foster a political career." -the media NEVER throws that at Greta Thunberg. Funny thing, eh?
God bless Jakub
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