Innuendo? Indian Bishop Presides Novus-Ordo-Eucharist Dressed As a Pagan

Belgaum Bishop Derek Fernandes, 65, celebrated Mass in Deshnur, Karnataka, India, (August 29) dressed in a saffron robe commonly worn by Hindu priests. He also displayed a japamala, a string of prayer beads, used for counting mantras in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Shinto.

Fernandes and his co-presiders showed a tilaka on their forehead, painted with a vermillion paste. It is used in Hinduism on a daily basis or for special Hindu occasions.

Hindus are asking on social networks if there is a “way to legally stop this travesty” as it is “an insult to the ochre robes”.

If the local Hindu pujari-priest would perform temple rituals dressed in alb, stole and chasuble while displaying a Miraculous Medal around his neck, he would likely be shipped to a mental-health facility.

Yet in the present Catholic Church madness has become the normal condition.

Picture: © Savio Rodrigues, #newsGmlxhjlvkv
Wait, let me get my voodoo doll and join the concelebration.!
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Syncretusn us widespread in India
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This is not a catholic mass, it is a free mason mass!!! likes this.
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Besides what Brother Bugnolo says, being novus ordo is not cause of such type of outrage, it's rather a will to sell out the faith that is not rooted in no rire, but in the rejection of what supports the rite
The Malabar Rite dresses that way, I think you are mistaking an approved and ancient apostolic liturgy with hiduism.
Br. Alexis, please not that its nothing to do with Malabar rite. The Deshnur,"Mutt" or Ashram is located in the heart of Hindu majority. I think Indian liturgy has been approved long back, if they did it in harmony with the Indian liturgy i would support it. But if they did it just to appease the Hindu majority then i am sure Bishops are taking a wrong turn.
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