Cardinal Dolan Praises Francis' Comments To Homosexual

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan has praised Pope Francis’ words to the Chilean homosexual Juan Carlos Cruz. Bergoglio told Cruz that “being gay doesn’t matter” and that he is “made and loved by …
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The apostate Jesuit Pro Gay James Martin shared the heretical blasphemy "God made you Gay" using Bergoglio to push homosexuality and the homosexual gay activist Juan Carlos Cruz shared it on his Twitter account
What they are REALLY saying is what God says about sodomy "Does not really matter."

You mock Our Lord's Judgment - but your false god Lucifer will accuse you of Blasphemy to GOD when your day of judgment has arrived.

Liars! Charlatans! Weep for your sins! Our Lady of Fatima said you will fall into hell like snowflakes.
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Call it what it is ‘Homosexuality’ ‘Sodomites’.
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The promoter of the sodomy Timothy Dolan is using the language of the devil "yes and not" to reaffirm the heretical blasphemy attributed to Bergoglio.…
Bergoglio en colaboración con los pro sodomitas apostatas como Dolan y James Martin y los apostatas ha creado una iglesia gay para los gays y apostatas…/a-gay-new-churc…
Pro homosexual... must keep that $$$ coming in.
It's so much what he said, I think, but what he left out - not telling him that same sex behavior is a serious sin, and by not saying so he inferred that the behavior is acceptable in God's eyes.
Dolan and Bergoglio know that we Catholics will reject this blasphemy and apostasy they are speaking to the youth on behalf of the Church to accept homosexuality. Catholic parents warn your children.
The False Teacher Timothy Dolan is an apostate Pro Gay .
The one who believes Dolan or Bergoglio has stopped believing in the Word of God and has let himself be deceived and that person will not be saved for preferring to believe the lie than believing God.
Destroying the myth that homosexuals are born that way…/destroying-myth…
De Profundis
Pope Francis has a press office, a media apparatus, a large press corps covering him and the attention of the entire world. If he ever sees the need to “clarify” anything he said or reportedly said, he can do so in an instant.
“Christ said, “I am the Truth”; he did not say “I am the custom.” -St. Toribio