A Single German Diocese Makes 833 Million Euros A Year

In 2016 the Archdiocese of Munich, Germany, earned 833 million Euro, reports The archdiocese is run by ultra-liberal Cardinal Reinhard Marx (63), a member of Pope Francis’ Council of Cardinals. The richness of his archdiocese is not due to the generosity of the faithful but to the compulsory German Church tax.

In 2015 the archdiocese had earnings of 781 million Euros. In June 2016, it revealed that the cumulative wealth of its six biggest entities is about 6 billion Euros.

Munich Archdiocese is only doing well in terms of money. Otherwise, only a tiny overaged minority of Catholics is practicing the faith in parishes which are liturgically and spiritually run down.

Picture: © Jeanne Menjoulet, CC BY, #newsRjfgvjpljn