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Cardinal Coccopalmerio Was Present at Drug Party – Francis Knows

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, 80, was physically present during the famous 2017 gay and drug party in the flat of his secretary, Monsignor Luigi Capozzi. The party was terminated by a police operation.

A highly placed Vatican source told (October 10) that Pope Francis is fully aware of this.

Nevertheless, Coccopalmerio, a staunched pro-gay follower of Pope Francis, was kept in office as the head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts until April 2018.

The snatch squad that stormed the flat located in the building of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, told Coccopalmerio to leave “immediately” before Monsignor Capozzi was arrested.

According to sources quoted by Coccopalmerio is known as a “practicing homosexual”.

Picture: Francesco Coccopalmerio, © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsZhsgxsjxvt mentioned this post in A Certain „Angelo Becciu“ Denies on Twitter Coccopalmerio’s Gay Party.
I am frustrated standing by and watching this train wreck keep unfolding before my eyes. Now, I hear the Vatican will now try to put as much blame on JP II for knowing about McCarrick as they can. Although it is very questionable how much he knew in his state of health at the time and how much his assistant was telling him. Anyway, besides prayer-----what else can the faithful do?? I feel the … More
De Profundis
This troubled soul is not well enough to be an assistant Parish priest right now let alone a member of the College of Cardinals.
Coccopalmerio is now advising Francis on sanctions for Viganò.