It's Bishop Zurek's Turn For Transparency

It's Bishop Zurek's Turn For Transparency in the Priests for Life Scandal

With all due respect to the Bishop as a person, and the position of his office as a successor to the Apostles, he has some explaining to do if he is to convince the legions of pro-life people who know of the tremendous work Fr. Pavone has done – of the correctness of his (the Bishop’s) decision. Transparency should be a 2-way street…, and now it’s the Bishop’s turn to show some transparency and reveal the facts that support his statements and decision.

1. We need to see an itemized list, with specifics and details, of the “deep concerns” that the bishop has with Fr. Pavone’s financial stewardship.

2. We need to have an adequate explanation, in light of the mountain of financial data provided by PFL, of how Fr. Pavone has failed to provide “a transparent and complete auditing of all expenditures”.

3. And lastly, to be convinced of the appropriateness of the Bishop’s decision, we need to have specific details of Fr. Pavone’s “incorrigible defiance” of the bishop’s legitimate authority.

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St. Robert Bellarmine

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holyrope 3
Sure hope Rome speaks up about this soon, and all can continue on for the salvation of souls.
Simple & Trinitas - Qvidem excellentissimo conferat! Gratias agimvs tibi.
Holy Cannoli
Peters is excellent when he sticks to his area of competence. But, he loses the appearance of neutrality and he ought to omit editorial comments such as the following.

Pavone invokes the memory of Blessed John Paul II, Blessed Mother Teresa, and Cardinal John O’Connor and urges “clergy and laity alike [to] learn from their total commitment to ending abortion.” Fr. Pavone should plumb those examples more deeply himself.

It makes one wonder if Peters is siimply just stating the facts as they … [More]
Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the situation, and I have absolutely no expertise or inside knowledge to comment on either [though the Canon Lawyer Mr Peters does make things pretty clear indeed], it seems to me that whenever there is dissention in the Church it causes scandal and that must be avoided at all costs since it divides us and gives comfort to the enemies of Holy Mother Church.
Christus vincit Christus regnat Christus imperat
Viva il Papa!
“Whenever anything disagreeable or displeasing happens
to you, remember Christ crucified and be silent.”

St John of the Cross