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U2’s Bono (Mistakenly?) Receives Eucharist at Mass After Concert in Colombia

In a now viral photo, Bono from the band U2 can be seen receiving the Eucharist at a Catholic Mass the day after he performed a concert in Bogotá, Colombia. He was apparently staying near the Gimnasio Moderno, a school of boys that has a chapel and decided to attend Mass there on Sunday.

According to local reports, he stayed mostly in the back of the chapel with a reserved attitude, praying in silence, with his security detail nearby. When it came time for communion, he went up and received the Eucharist.

According to Catholic teaching, only practicing Catholics in a state of grace are supposed to receive communion. Bono doesn’t appear to be a practicing Catholic.

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Maurizio Muscas
Obviously, as eretic, he taken Holy Particola on his hands
Sex, drugs, rock n' roll, and oh yes mass. Why not? The poster boy of social change feels quite welcome in Francis church.
y quien estaba listo para tomar la foto?
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Sure looks like a Novus Ordo mass. I'm sure the pope would be proud
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aderito No he's Church of Ireland (Anglican). I am biased in that I am, like Bono, both Irish and from Northside Dublin so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I don't think he meant any irreverence nor sacrilege. So many protestans simply do not know what Catholics believe nor our discipline (how many Catholics do?) even here in Ireland where 90% are at least nominally Catholic. The … More
Is he Catholic?
Joseph a' Christian
I remember bono playing "sympathy for the devil" at a huge event.