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Father Bergoglio – Unsuitable to be a Bishop

The book “The Dictator Pope” by Marcantonio Colonna knows about the assessment Father Bergoglio received from the then Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach (+2016), when he applied for a dispensation from the rule forbidding Jesuits from becoming bishops.

According to Colonna Father Kolvenbach accused Bergoglio of a series of defects, ranging from habitual use of vulgar language to deviousness, disobedience concealed under a mask of humility, and lack of psychological balance.

Regarding his suitability as a future bishop, Kolvenbach pointed out that he had been a divisive figure as Jesuit provincial. Bergoglio was seen, at the time, as a champion of Catholic conservatism in the mode of John Paul II. But he also had the habit of saying diametrically opposing things from one day to the next.

Picture: Jorge Bergoglio, © Aibdescalzo, wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsOnarcpclsm
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis mentioned this post in Bergoglio's espionage system.
Joseph a' Christian
Creepy, Bergoglio's face can cause a man to vomit. His yearning to become a bishop by a special dispensation, this adds more evidence of his deceit, that he is an humble man.
Jesus Is Truth.
Libore, přestaň blbnout a spekulovat a oslovuj prosím papeže odpovídajícím způsobem. Děkuji.
Libor Halik
Otec Bergoglio (tj. dnešní vatikánský František) - nevhodný na biskupa. Kniha "diktátorský papež" Marcantonio Colonna ví o hodnocení, které otec Bergoglio obdržel od tehdejšího superiorního generála jezuitů, otce Petra Hansa Kolvenbacha (+2016), když požádal o osvobození od pravidla, které zakazuje jezuitům stát se biskupy.
Podle Colonny otec Kolvenbach obvinil Bergoglia z řady vad, od obvykl… More
Unsuitable to be a bishop? Unsuitable to be a Catholic
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Jim Dorchak
Bergoglio was seen, at the time, as a champion of Catholic conservatism in the mode of John Paul II.............. Really like JPII?
Who made him a bishop again?????????????? Ohhhh yea now I remember...
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