Emmerich on "a flame that broke out in the tower..."

From a Vision of Blessed Catherine Emmerich (1774 - 1824):

"Suddenly, a flame broke out in the tower, spread over the roof and it seemed that everything was going to be consumed. I thought then of the wide river that passed through one of the sides of the city, wondering if it could not with its water put out the fire. But the flames hurt many of those who had put their hand in the demolition work: the flames hunted them down and the church continued on foot. However, I saw that it would be saved only after the great storm that was approaching.This fire, whose appearance was appalling, indicated in the first place a great danger, in the second place a new splendor of the Church after the storm. In this country they have already begun to ruin the Church by means of schools that yield to disbelief."
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