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McCarrick Renounces His Cardinalate – Punished To Seclusion, Prayer, Penance

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, from the College of Cardinals due to allegations of homosexual abuse.

At the same time, Francis suspended him as a bishop and directed him to a live in seclusion, prayer and penance “until the completion of the canonical process” which has not yet begun.

McCarrick submitted his letter of resignation Friday evening.

The French Jesuit Louis Billot was the last Cardinal who was allowed to resign from his office in September 1927 because of Pius XI's controversial actions against the Action Française.

Damian Thompson points out that the “historic shift” in holding senior Church figures to account “has more to do with the New York Times than with a new spirit of reform”. Liberal prelates usually protect each other.

McCarrick’s homosexual problems were no mystery. Before John Paul II promoted him to Washington, a group of laymen travelled to Rome in order to convince the Pope not to go ahead with his nomination.

Picture: Theodore McCarrick, © U.S. Institute of Peace, CC BY-NC, #newsWwuvzfzkzp mentioned this post in U.S. Abuse Propaganda Distracts From the Real Problem - Madison Bishop Clarifies.
Maudie N Mandeville
More wine, dancing and boys.
Dr Bobus
No punishment will be too severe for that loathsome man.
angry bob
Not enough!!!!!!!
Prayer and penance? Sure.
They're laughing at Catholics
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli: For the "liberal" oligarch media sexual abuse is not a crime in itself. It is used as a means of hitting the enemy. Cardinal McCarrick has been protected by them for decades. For them it is an unfortunate accident that this scandal could not be prevented. Besides that: McCarrick is now 88. This is an age when people ought to be left alone.
The New York Times reported last week that two dioceses in New Jersey, where McCarrick served as bishop before being promoted to Washington in 2000, had reached financial settlements in 2005 and 2007 with men who said they were abused by McCarrick as adults decades ago.
Holy Cannoli
Punished To Seclusion, Prayer, Penance

This is the same old BULL EXCREMENT we always here after these kinds of atrocities are brought to light. Seclusion, Prayer, Penance is way too little for "Uncle Ted" and DECADES too late.

Why not obtain some valuable information from this miserable piece of human debris? Why not get him to reveal information on other active sodomites who are currently … More
Scandalous. Rome knew, and did nothing... Well, nothing but elevate him.
I expect that following a canonical trial, McCarrick will be laicised, something that should have happened two decades ago, when he reached a settlement with former seminarians that he abused
Joseph a' Christian
Wojtyla promoted this homosexual to the high honor of Cardinal, even though we faithful travelled thousands of miles to warn him.
Wojtyla is NO saint. (look up his pagan celebration-1986 Assisi)
- - Almighty God Is Good.