Zanchetta Allowed to Return to Vatican

An Argentinean judge authorized former Orán Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta who is accused of homosexual molestations, to return to the Vatican “for employment reasons.”

This justification was given despite the fact that Zanchetta is suspended from his functions at the Roman Curia, at least according to Pope Francis whose words are not always reliable.

According to (June 21) Zanchetta will have to be back in Argentina for an August 8 court appearance.

Ines San Martin@inesanma·

ICYM: Argentine Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, accused of sexual misconduct by two seminarian, was allowed by a local judge to return to Rome for "work related" reasons. However, he's been suspended from his position since early January...
The next question is: What is the "work" that is being done by a homosexual predator of seminarians in Casa Santa Marta?
"...according to Pope Francis whose words are not always reliable"
It would be so so cruel to separate Frank from his wife.
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