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Cardinal Brandmüller: Defenders of Second Liaison Are "Excommunicated"

"Whoever claims that a new liaison may begin while a lawfully married partner is still alive, is excommunicated, because this is a heresy”, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, 88, told German Daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (October 28).

Brandmüller explains, “It is a dogma that marriage is a sacrament and therefore indissoluble.” He points out that no adulterer can receive Holy Communion.

The cardinal cannot understand that Francis does not answer the Dubia regarding Amoris Laetitia. He asks: “Can something be good today what was a sin yesterday?” And, “Are there still acts that are always and under all circumstances morally condemnable – as killing an innocent or adultery?” Brandmüller worries about a "schism“ in the Church.

Picture: © Jeffrey Bruno, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsQixyzxmyky
mr. producer
Sorry Br Tom Ford, but we're not going to end up like Luther by questioning this pope. It is Bergoglio, not us, that is trying to change Church teaching by using that old Modernist trick of being "pastoral". We actually have an obligation as the Church Militant to question and resist this blatant heretic. We cannot rely on our bishops to do squat, pathetic lot almost all of them.
Caterina100 Remember that the Church is Christ's. She is indefectible and cannot fail being built on Christ. Yes Pope Francis is something of an issue (a huge understatement I know) but if we go down the rabbit hole of questionning his authority etc we will end up with Luther and all the rest. We must pray, offer sacrifice and trust that the Lord has everything in hand. Those of us who are not … More
Sunamis 46
F1 destroys the church
Joseph a' Christian
Bergoglio hates the Laws of our Lord Jesus. He recently celebrated the 500th anniversary of the revolt of Marty Luther with a lesbian lutheran "bishop."
He is evil.
Spoken like a true Catholic
Rafał_Ovile thankyou for the reference but I will have to read it later. There are not two bishops anymore than there can be two fathers of a home. There can only be one bishop of a diocese and there is only one bishop of Rome and Pope of the universal Church. A doubt seems to exist about the canonical status of the P. Benedict's action. That does not make it contrary to the Faith. It was done … More
BrTomFordeOFMCap/ Dr Stuart Reiss I recommend Can the Church Depose an Heretical Pope? Written by Robert J. Siscoe
Cardinal Bradmuller was one of the first who analyzed the case of Pope Benedict's XVI abdication (not to be mistaken with resignation) with a partial conclusion. He knows more than we do and stated that it is against historical canonic tradition. However he did not propose to … More
Dr Stuart Reiss There is no process for excommunicating a Pope. He is the last court of appeal, with universal jurisdiction etc. He can break communion with him but then the cardinal would be in schism. The only solution is biological and with that we have to wait for the Lord to call the HF to the ultimate court (which we all must face). In the meantime we must pray.