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German Bishop Wants to "Bless" Homosexual Fornication

Osnabrück Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, Germany, renewed his request to introduce a "blessing“ for homosexual couples. Bode is the deputy president of the German Bishops' Conference.

He told (January 16), that "we need" a ritual that recognizes "the being together of human beings". With this formulation Bode describes persistent homosexual fornication which he qualifies as "responsible" and "faithful in love".

Holy Scripture describes homosexual fornication as a sin crying for vengeance to heaven.

Picture: Franz-Josef Bode, © bph, #newsPhgfattqlo
Stupid ignoramus - denier of Christ's REAL Gospel.

If he had any idea of the foul statement that he has just broadcast and the ramifications due to his soul, he would die of fear .
His idol is Lucifer, but Lucifer has no love for any who support his agenda. He gleefully makes plans of damnation for you without ANY criticism from God. The sin against the purity of Christ is the most contemptible.… More
Dear Catholic Brothers, observe that this apostate Franz-Josef Bode is still in full communion with Bergoglio despite his obstinacy in rebelling against God publicly.
yep .. they do "need" a ritual ... explaining to them the 5 W's - - - Who are the people pacticing this sin?; What happens when this sin is practice with no remorse?; Where the soul of those sinners go?; When can they go to confession for those sins?; Why is it so important for priests and bishops to tell the Truth about this abomination?; - - - think ...
Its a good thing to correct sinners ,and guide them not to sin again , but to promote sin ,it is really bad
Of course, this one has someone with which he is in the "the being together of human beings", or he thinks so; so he thinks por hopes it's possible between menos. So he wants to share the "blessings"