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University Chaplain Fired for Making Reparation for Gay Pride

Father Mark Morris was fired as an university chaplain of Glasgow Caldedonian University because he held a prayer of reparation for the “gross offence” of Glasgow Gay Pride, reports (July 18).

The march of gay radicals took place on July 14 and was led by Scotlands First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Father Morris' prayer of atonement consisted of 15 decades of the Rosary and was held two days later inside a church.

Glasgow Archdiocese issued a statement stating that it was “aware of the university's decision”. The archdiocese did not bother defending the courageous priest.

Almost at the same time, Jesuit Father James Martin celebrates gay marches and is invited to speak at the Vatican sponsored World Meeting of Families in Dublin in August.

This is a sure sign that the present Catholic Church is in deep troubles.

What an honor for this good priest to suffer persecution for the Church. His superiors hate him but Christ smiles upon him.
Morris recently hosted Bishop Schneider when he visited Scotland.
Fr Morris is a supporter of the Traditional Mass and has attended several Priest-training conferences organised by the Latin Mass Society
De Profundis
So much for freedom of Religion!
"The university is strongly inclusive and committed to supporting equality and diversity on campus." - except the inclusion of those who do not believe what we believe.