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Asinine Prime Minster, “Don’t Say Mankind, It’s Peoplekind”

Recently the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau interrupted a woman who addressed him at MacEwan University.

She said to Trudeau that "maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind." At this point, the asinine prime minister interrupted her, “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind because it's more inclusive.”

On Twitter Trudeau was told to refer in future to the Canadian province "Manitoba" as "Personitoba".


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Read on a social Network about someone who said: that the word "management" should be changed to "personagement." Then he realizee that "personagement" still has "men" in it. It should be "personagepeoplet."
Lisi Sterndorfer
You, a sexist: A billion people speak Mandarin Chinese
Me, the wokest of feminists: *Peopledarin Chinese
When he's grown up - maybe he'll understand English better....

Get away from the microphone sonny - your Dad won't like it!
Justin Trudeau is an enemy of Mankind.
Our Lady of Sorrows
"Children say that people are hung sometimes for speaking the truth."-Joan of Arc.
Joseph a' Christian
How about PENIS-KIND?
Although I don't think the fascist feminists would accept this, oh well, i tried.

Christ Jesus is Great, The Giver Of Life.
He should say women nice=
Women kind
Minister= small
Whats another word for ster?
Its all staged even right down to a script. It's call acting crisis actors. Its all to promote their agenda. A woman who address him --!!! Ha n.a. hahaha she was a actor. A plant. Don't be deceived by these Rhodes.
Gwaredd Thomas
Primate minister, what? 🤢
He better should have said : It's Womankind
Gosh he reminds me of the Ape kind!
This exposes Trudeau for the idiot he really is.
Aderito that is part of the freemanson agenda speak only to the young teach the young and ignore the old elderly and parents. This is in the 24 protocols its in their Constitution.
Minister Justin Trudeau what else did you expect from him he will be the shame of Canadian he is dangerous because he cares not for his nation or god but only of the god of freemansons.
This prime minister is ridiculous ,he prefers to talk to young crowds to brain washed them .iam hopping he loses the next election ,canadians need to rise up to this left wing secularist form of dictatorship