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Rich Homosexual Baptises Surrogate Baby in Buenos Aires Cathedral

The rich Argentinian homosexual choreographer Flavio Mendoza, 43, organised a show baptism for his surrogate baby in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. Mendoza was accompanied by his current gay accomplice, Daniel Allodi, 32.

According to Clarí (August 5), Allodi, who is the owner of a solarium, played a leading role during the event.

The baby was born in April by a paid surrogate mother, a procedure costing up to 130'000 Dollars.

Mendoza celebrated the gay event in the cathedral with prominent guests and published the pictures later on Internet.

San Atanasio ora pro nobis mentioned this post in Alejandro Russo 'Bergoglio's right hand' gave his support to the homosexual Flavio Mendoza who ….
Gesù è con noi
How many children were saved in Sodom and Gomorrah? None
What catholic education can a child receive when they are corrupted daily and their soul murdered with the bad example of the Sodomites? None

What was the renunciation of Satan made by the sodomite surrogate father in the name of the children when the sacrilegious ceremony took place? NONE
LA NACION Flavio Mendoza celebrat… More
@alexamarie there are no saints that ARE for that sort of thing, abomination leads to saints claiming vengance not a breakup.
Jim Dorchak
Its like a GAY club house that devout Catholics paid for!
So glad the baby was baptized. Prayers for this man and partner. What Saint do you pray to to end same sex marriage etc.? St. Joseph? He is the Motto for family right? God help us all. Amen.