Dialogue According To Francis: “You Can Ask Us, But We Will Not Answer”

The troubled Roman John Paul II Institute issued an angry July 29 statement calling reports about the purges against Catholics, which are ongoing at the Institute, “a distorted, biased communication, sometimes in bad faith, which often has never even sought a verification of the news at the source.”

The statement claimed that the Institute’s press office was always available for clarifications and information.

But when (August 2) asked the office, it learned, that “for the time being, it is not answering questions.”

The secretariat of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the Grand Chancellor of the Institute, confirmed the press embargo saying that the Institute is “unavailable” for comment and will respond in a few weeks [when the deeds are done and hopefully forgotten].

Picture: Vincenzo Paglia, © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsHjefgohlmj
Standard for this pontificate