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Liberal German Bible Scholar Criticises Wrong Version of Our Father

The Greek original of the Our Father says “and lead us not into temptation”. If somebody wants to change this, he must first change the New Testament according to the liberal German bible scholar and layman Thomas Söding.

Talking to the German domradio (December 7), Söding criticised the wrong French version of the Our Father which says: “and let us not enter into temptation”.

According to Söding this is “not a translation but a paraphrase”.

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Bergoglio and French Bishops falls under the condemnation of Trent, Session 22, Canon VII:
CANON VI.--If any one saith, that the canon of the mass contains errors, and is therefore to be abrogated; let him be anathema.
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10 Q. What and how many are the principal and most necessary parts of Christian Doctrine?
A. The principal and most necessary parts of Christian Doctrine are four The Creed, The Our Father, The Commandments, and The Sacraments.
12 Q. What does the Our Father teach us?
A. The Our Father teaches us all that we are to hope from God, and all we are to ask of Him.
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Thomas Aquinas
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Guy McClung, Texas
And changing Holy Scripture is a problem for Jorge Juan P B because? The more he does it, the easier it gets for him. Remember he has proclaimed: "No one is condemned forever," - and that is for "all situations" - not even those who condemn Jorge Juan P B are condemned forever, and "must" be integrated into the joyful fruitful life of the Church .
εἰσενέγκῃς is aorist, subjunctive, active, 2nd person, singular: a subjunctive of prohibition. To change this, as Spanish and French versions do has no warrant in the Greek. Latin/English/Italian translations are more faithful.
Pope suggested changing the translation of the Pater: the problem is that most who say it are 'un-Churched', it'll be another division!