German Bishop: Church "May Bless" Gay Fornication

“The Church may bless gay couples,” retired Münster auxiliary bishop Dieter Geerlings, 72, Germany, claimed during an event in Saint Joseph parish in Münster, Germany, August 15.

Geerlings was appointed in 2010 by Benedict XVI and resigned 2017 due to ill-health.

According to, he told the audience that his “opinion” did not correspond to Church teaching [as if this discrepancy would be of little importance].

Geerlings believes that it is “already now” possible to change Church teaching about [gravely sinful] homosexual fornication.

Elisabeth Frenke, a pastoral collaborator, confirmed this by adding that she knows priests [in the plural] who already "bless" homosexuals.

This proves that Geerlings was deceiving the listeners, by speaking in the future about what already is happening in the present.

Picture: Dieter Geerlings, © gemeinfrei, kathedia, CC BY-SA, #newsWevmfiqabc
No doubt where his loyalties are. Teutonic speculations has brought the world so many riches?
What is wrong Germany? It's the land that gave us Luther, two world wars, and now constant heretical clerics.
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Alex A
Hell keep calling these German bishops and they go running into hell.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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