"Sexual Assault": Nasty Publicity Stunt Against Paris Nuncio

A 30-year-old employee of the city of Paris, France, accused Archbishop Luigi Ventura, 74, the Apostolic Nuncio in France, of “sexual assault”.

The putative misdeed happened at a public 17 January greeting ceremony at the City Hall during which Ventura would have three times touched “quite profoundly” the buttocks of his accuser, “once in front of a witness.”

The accuser works at the Paris general delegation for international relations.

An investigation was opened on January 24 by the Paris prosecutor's office which has no power over a diplomate.

On February 15 the gay magazine Têtu claimed that there is another, anonymous person accusing Ventura of a similar action during another January greeting ceremony.

Paris maire Anne Hidalgo is an anti-Catholic bigot and a strong promoter of gay-ideology.

Her hitman in charge of promoting this case is the socialist Patrick Klugman, a lawyer for FEMEN, and Hidalgo’s responsible for International Relations.

Klugman has a history of lying to the public. In 2002 he accused French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen of having plagiarized Hitler’s closing speech at the November 1932 National Socialist Party Congress. But such a congress never took place.

So sad and so evil, to think that there is people around who will lie about a priest just for money or fame, yet for the last 10 years it has become the norm. It is sad for genuine victims and sad for innocent priests. Lets not fool ourselves there are thousands of falsely accused priests. There is unfortunately no return to sanity in this mad world. Come lord Jesus Come!
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All sodomites are exposing to the truth. Purging time. Deo gratias.
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