Witches Accused of Zombie Abuse

Witches Accused of Zombie Abuse
SALEM — It only sounds like a horror movie.

For the second time in three days, Salem was the setting of a confrontation between witches and zombies.

In both cases, the ghouls in question were representing two downtown Halloween attractions, the Nightmare Factory and the Witch Mansion.

On Sunday, an employee of the Witch Mansion was accused of "bumping" people on the East India Square Mall, specifically people representing the Nightmare Factory and working to attract customers while made up as zombies.

On Friday, the two factions also engaged in a confrontation after Witch Mansion employees complained that Nightmare Factory representatives were out in the East India Square Mall shouting that "Witch Mansion sucks."

A Nightmare Factory employee told police at that time that they were merely shouting "White Sox," perhaps suggesting zombies from Chicago.

The Salem News

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I guess these neo-pagans have gone, shall we say, batty... I hope this doesn't offend the vampires.