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Vatican Asked Catholic Bishops To Resign In Favour Of State Bishops

The Vatican has asked at least two bishops of China’s underground Catholic Church to leave their sees to Government bishops.

AsiaNews (January 22) reports that Bishop Peter Zhuang Jianjian, 88, of Shantou, China, was urged in October by a letter and again in December by a Holy See delegation to resign. The Vatican wanted to replace Zhuang by the schismatic bishop Huang Bingzhang, a member of the Chinese parliament, who was ordained in 2011 without Vatican approval and therefore excommunicated.

Further, Bishop Joseph Guo Xijin of Mindong was asked before Holy Week 2017 to “voluntary” downgrade himself from ordinary bishop to coadjutor bishop in order to assist the excommunicated Bishop Vincent Zhan Silu who would have taken his diocese.

Both bishops have not heeded the Vatican's advice.

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You must love The Catholic Faith to be willing to suffer for it, protect it, and not molest it. In my eyes Bishop Peter Zhuang Jianjian loves the Catholic Faith. What is also clear here is he is one of the few men left in The Church with a chest. ( May God be praised in His Faithful servants.
Last week the scandal was Francis esteeming and validating a Catholic abortionist with $400 million to kill babies This week the scandal of Francis collaborating with the sworn enemies of the Church who persecute and kill Catholics.
James Cheung visited Cardinal Zen in Hong Kong in December the year before last: "He was told that he had been excluded from Chinese affairs."
The Vatican formed an ally with the devil to supress the faithful.
This action says to the faithful underground Chinese Catholics that they had suffered persecution, violence and death for nothing.
The communist Vatican would much rather have like-minded bishops in China.
Pope Francis met January 14 with retired Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong, a frequent critic of the Vatican’s current policy toward China. They obviously talked about the removal of Cahtolic bishops. A transcript would be interesting to read....
He is clearly NOT a Catholic this Pope

He supports the state led Protest-ing Churches.

He shows himself to be possessing NO loyalty or fidelity to Roman

Catholicism or to Christ.

By stripping Christ's Martyred Prelates of their authority - he ruins

his own chances of eternal life. Christ called such as himself dangerous false shepherds &

"Ravenous Wolves"

If he is not cast out - we will … More