Whistle-Blower Speaks for the Third Time

Archbishop Viganò - who accused Pope Francis in August of having hushed up the McCarrick case - has published a third text.

It is an answer to Cardinal Ouellet's open letter, and was published on (October 19).

Viganò restates some key points of his prior testimony, for instance, that Benedict XVI imposed restrictions on McCarrick. Nevertheless Francis gave new responsibilities to McCarrick although he had been personally informed by Viganó:

"Francis himself has either colluded in this corruption, or, knowing what he does, is gravely negligent in failing to oppose it and uproot it."

Viganó denies Ouellet’s claim that the Vatican heard only “rumours” about McCarrick, pointing out that it was aware of facts and possessed written evidence.

He concludes that Ouellet’s open letter concedes the important facts and disputes only claims he has never made.

Finally, Viganó points out that the present "very grave crisis" cannot be resolved until things are called by their true names, "This is a crisis due to the scourge of homosexuality."

And, "It is an enormous hypocrisy condemn the abuser, claim to weep for the victims, and yet refuse to denounce the root cause of so much sexual abuse: homosexuality".

In an implicit reference to Francis he adds, "To claim the crisis itself to be clericalism is pure sophistry. It is to pretend that a means, and instrument, is in fact the main motive."

Following yesterday's publication of the 3rd testimony by Archbishop Vigano, in direct response to the letter by Cardinal Ouellet, Pope Francis had an audience this morning with Cardinal Ouellet
The pattern is that Vigano’s claims are substantiated by his critics.
Lisi Sterndorfer
This is a list of stupid mistakes the guy (Fr. Thomas Rosica?) made:
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All catholics of good will and want a more transparent and Truthfull church that loves the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ ,support Archbishop Vigano ,wish for more Viganos to speak up
Viganò! Vigano! Vigano! What a true soldier in God's Army. God Bless Him, St Michael defend him and Mary our mother protect him!
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While perverts bare their hungry tooth
To feed upon the flesh of youth.
White knight arise, his role to play
White sword o'er Ouellet's false foray.
For naught is sharper than White Truth
Though hell's dull minions play the mute.
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Lisi Sterndorfer
Ross Douthat: "The Vigano intervention is best understood as an attempt by the small active opposition to spur the large passive opposition to some sort of dramatic action. Having no sense of what form that action should take, the passive opposition has done nothing."
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Read this of Viganò
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