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German Bishop Calls For Blessing of Mortal Sin

Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabrück, Germany, the deputy president of the German Bishops' Conference, wants to introduce a "blessing“ for same-sex couples who engage in homosexual acts which are mortal sins and entail God's eternal condemnation.

Talking to the Osnabrücker Zeitung (January 10), Bode said that he wants to meet the needs of practicing and unrepentant homosexuals and to "accompany them pastorally and liturgically”. He justified this by calling gay pseudo-marriages a “political reality”. National Socialism was also a "political reality".

Bode asked for a "differentiated" assessment of gravely sinful gay liaisons, insinuating that, until Bode, the Church and Holy Scripture were "undifferentiated" in this regard. His gay proposals will eventually be accepted by the German bishops, further eroding the church and making it irrelevant to the world.

Picture: Franz-Josef Bode, © bph, CC BY, #newsXejtternjg mentioned this post in Leading Franciscan: Homosexual Fornication is "Normal" And "Goes Without Saying".
"they train themselves to lie, they wear themselves out by doing wrong." Jeremiah 9,5
Sunamis 46
He has lost his mind
I guess he is afraid to run out of retirement money-and wants to colöect as much as he can before there only muslim left in germany-
Of course they pay no church taxes
Bishop Franz-Josef Bode is leading souls to Hell. It's not even debatable.
Heresy after heresy. Pray the rosary. Pray to God that he stop this destruction of the church.
Jim Dorchak
@advoluntas Oh yeah and I hear that is a well paved road. None of this holes in the road stuff because they can not afford material!
"Hell is paved with the heads of heretic bishops." - St. John Chrysostom
Uncle Joe
Bishop Franz-(will do anything for money) Josef Bode wants to appease the homos.

Why? Follow the money. In Germany the taxation rates vary from 14 percent to 42 percent. Pleasing the homos will increases membership in the Church thereby bringing in more $$$ (via the church tax) to mercenaries within the German episcopal conference including Bishop Bode.
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The goal of the Vatican II bishops is obviously not to save souls and to call for repentance, but to support the United Nations and their atheist agenda 30 and its world depopulation program, especially by abortions and homosexuality. For this evil purpose they demoralize the people and even their children.
The so called Paul VI Audience Hall:
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Legal abortion is also a legal reality. Should we bless that? There are spiritual realities as well which trump now and forever legal realities. The state can applaud sodomy all day long but God does not capitulate and neither should his bishops. The only place to which this creep is "accompanying" sodomites is to perdition.
Its so sad ,that these bishops whom them should know better(you think because they are bishops right ?) think and behave like heretics
Jim Dorchak
Why are the Germans so, SO, occupied with SEX? Everything SEX is on their lips and in their heads. How about something really controversial like SAVING SOULS?