Catholic Church in Shanghai Surveilled by Huge Camera

Since last year, there is a surveillance camera in St Peter Catholic church in Shanghai, China, officially "for security reasons" according to journalist Liza Lin, a technology reporter for the US-Wall Street Journal, writing on Twitter (February 4).

The huge surveillance camera was not explained by the parish-priest. It is hanging in full view of the pulpit (above left).

There is little doubt that the Communist regime has access to the camera.

Picture: © Liza Lin, #newsDvrnivpgxl

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Of course for their own safety -
Maybe after observing them
They become catholic-
Father Simoulin had better wake up before it is too late. There is a chapter meeting in the Neo-SSPX in July 2018. It's time to oust Bishop Fellay and to install one of the remaining traditionals as superior-general -- if, that is, there are any true traditional Catholics worthy of the name left in Fellay's organization. The rate of departure might slow a bit as the chapter meeting approaches (… More
Nothing says wisdom like Francis giving the Chinese Catholic Church to the thought police.
Klaus Gamber
they better not criticize Francis then, it'd get directly back to the vatican
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