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Vatican Has Turned into a Surveillance State

The level of control over emails, landlines and even on some categories of mobile phones in the Vatican is reaching levels “that would be envied even by North Korea” according to Marco Tosatti. Writi…
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@Dr Stuart Reiss
Ha Ha!
Maybe Pope Julius has already appeared to him - and cast him out of it!
@Dr Stuart Reiss
"Pope Julius II (1503-1513) of the della Rovere family used to walk around with a stick with which he beat the cardinals and priests and even Michael Angelo got a severe beating from him once.....he was called the fearsome Pope...."

Marvelous! Tell him to be in the Papal bedchamber at 12am tonight on the dot, calling himself "the Ghost of Christmas Past" and to make sure he … More
Guy McClung, Texas
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Wehrmacht oath

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Jim Dorchak
Well but these levels of surveilance were right in line with Peronist Argentina and life as a Jesuit. So what did you expect?
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Maybe the Vatican an invite N. Korea's Kim Um for a visit and they can strategize. I'm sure they have a lot to teach each other.