Santiago de Chile Cardinal Ezzati Resigns

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Santiago de Chile Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, 77.

Italian-born Ezzati will be judged for allegedly having “hushed up” abuses. Chile has been for some time the prey of an abuse hysteria.

Francis named Spanish-born Copiapó bishop Celestino Aós Braco, 69, a Capuchin, as the apostolic administrator.

The Vatican press office did not explain Ezzati’s departure. Usually, Pope Francis keeps cardinals who belong to his camp in office until they are 80.

Picture: Ricardo Ezzati, © Carlos Figueroa , CC BY-SA, #newsNkfnmswubi
Francis best friend......
He keeps them until the civil authorities convict them. Sometimes they are innocent...Pell... always he does not know who they are once the schtick is on....
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