Murder or Suicide? Did a Priest and a Nun “Kill” a Postulant?

The trial against Father Thomas Kottoor and Saint Joseph Sister Sephy will start on August 5, reports (July 18).

Both belong to the Syro-Malabar Catholic Archeparchy of Kottayam, Kerala. They are accused of having “murdered” Postulant Sister Abhaya Thomas, 19, with an axe in March 1992 in the kitchen of the sisters’ convent in Kotayam, India.

Sister Abhaya's body was found in a well at her convent in Kotayam, India. Police concluded at the time, that she had committed suicide.

Problems for Kottoor and Sephy began only in 2008, after a priest accused them in a confidential letter to the police. The alleged motive: Sister Abhaya saw the two involved in sexual relations, and therefore was eliminated.

A lawyer for the accused stated that “the investigators were writing fiction on the charge sheet.”