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European Central Bank: EU Needs Mass-Immigration

The bulletin of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt (February 8) writes that immigrants are an “important resource” that needs to be “used” because immigrants are younger and allegedly better educated than the population of the countries they invade. The bank also writes that the immigrants have contributed to an expansion of the EU economy.

This proves that the EU's luring of immigrants into Europe is not about “helping the poor”. On the contrary, it is the ultimate form of exploiting third world countries by stealing their active, young and educated population which would be needed at home where only the old and sick remain.

Picture: EZB, © Epizentrum, CC BY-SA, #newsHneybmelky
sunalos Actually they are right. I remember reading that this was coming down the road back in the 80's when only Poland and Ireland were still replacing their populations. No one wanted to listen then and most are still not listening. No plitician will get re-elected if he/she admits they will ban contraception and abortion in order to save their country. Some countries have begun to take … More
UN and George Soros' pawn......