Italian Priest Turns 100 – His Four Sons Are Also Priests

Father Probo Vaccarini of Rimini, Italy, a father of seven, celebrates on June 4 his 100th birthday.

During Second World War, Vaccarini was a soldier in Russia, then he worked as a surveyor, was married, had seven children and was active in his parish. He was 51 years old, when his wife Anna Maria died. After her death he became a deacon.

A big devotee of Padre Pio, he had a call to the priesthood during a Mass in San Giovanni Rotondo. He was ordained a priest in 1988.

Vaccarini is still active in a parish celebrating Mass, baptisms, weddings, funerals and listening to confessions.

His four sons, Francesco, Giovanni, Giuseppe and Gioacchino, were also ordained and are now parish-priests.

Miracle of Love.