Sarah: Ordaining Married Amazon Men Would Be „Humiliating“, “Contemptuous”

It is "contemptuous and humiliating" to ordain married men to solve the problem of an alleged lack of vocations in the Amazon, Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect for the Liturgy, writes in his book “Evening approaches and the day is now far spent.”

The lack of priests in the Amazon will not be resolved by ordaining married men, who "have not been called by God to the priesthood, but to conjugal life."

Sarah stresses that the Latin American Church has "prejudices" when it says that indigenous people are "incapable of living celibacy.

He stresses that Protestants, who accept married pastors, still suffer a shortage of preachers.

According to Sarah, the Amazon Synod would “definitively break” with the Tradition of the Latin Church if making such a direction.

The Church is experiencing a crisis comparable to "the intense hemorrhage of the 1970s, when [ten]thousands of priests left the priesthood,” Sarah adds.

Picture: Robert Sarah © mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsKcitdguuis
It's even more humiliating and contemptuous to have elected Bergoglio…/benedict-said-i…
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More weak talk, nothing being done.
It's not the "latinamerican church", it's the revolutionaries. It's tiresome, huh, to have to correct this type of misrepresentations, over and over and over and over and over again and again....
God bless Cardinal Sarah
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