Cardinal Brandmüller: Majority Opinion and Catholic Faith Are Two Different Things

Truth is not necessarily found with the majority, said Cardinal Walter Brandmüller at the conference Catholic Church, where are you going? (April 7) in Rome.

Brandmüller underlined that the Catholic sensus fidei (witness of faith by the simple faithful) and the "public opinion" are to different things:

“When Catholics en masse consider it legitimate to remarry after divorce, to use contraception or other similar things, this is not a mass witness to the faith, but a mass departure from it.”

Brandmüller also casted doubts on questionnaires used for recent synods of bishops since the wording of the questions has contributed to manipulating the results.

Picture: Walter Brandmüller, © Manfred Ferrari, #newsFntatuuahw
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Stat Crux on Twitter "I read a rumour that Cardinal Burke shouted at Kasper during a heated argument at the first Synod, and that that incident was a significant contributing factor to his not being invited to the second synod or being reinstated as head of the Apostolic Singatura."
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"Truth is not determined by a majority vote" -- Pope Benedict XVI
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