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Majority of US Bishops Would [Invalidly] Ordain Women

More than half of the US bishops would "ordain" female deacons in their diocese if the Holy See would approve such an abuse, a January 22 study found.

At the same time, "only" 41 percent of bishops [erroneously] believe that the Church has conferred them the power to do so. One-third of the bishops said that the Church should come up with deaconesses.

The study was issued by the “Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate” at Georgetown University. 192 bishops were asked, 108 responded.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsZeqdgyhtph
But they would not be priests, or deacons! Foolishness!
GJA Taylor
Oh my goodness, their arrogance and blindness knows no bounds, what a waste of space in costume they really are. God help us, get rid of these useless clowns in costume.
They are likely homosexuals who want women priestesses as a route to be able to 'marry' their bum chums like the Anglicans do.
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
These are not Roman Catholic Bishops - they belong to a pseudo church fraudulantly possessing our Churches - don't call them Catholic Bishops - outside the TRUE CHURCH they'll remain until they either resign or die, miserably wretched in their sins.
We need to stop offending Christ by referring to them as HIS Clergy.
The Catholic Church can never ordain women. Any Priest or Bishop who boasts … More
Hmmm I wonder why Church attendance is falling ..... I wonder....
Than that means a majority of bishops are on their way to Hell...pray for them
Leave it to those who fear "man" more than God to consider women's role in the church and move in the direction most inappropriate for women.