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Hungary supports "breeding like rabbits", rejects mass immigration

The Hungarian government wants to stop their demographic decline with common sense pro-family measures rather than disastrous pro-displacement measures.

They are working with three pillars: 1.) to reduce the cost of living, 2.) to ensure that Hungarians are not excluded from having families because of their economic situation, and 3.) to raise, in value, the public perception of child-rearing.

Previously their pro-family views were expressed in a light-hearted video posted by @Tesa on taking the theme of "breeding like rabbits".

An article on the topic can be found in this article at Breitbart.
God bless the Hungarian government and her people.
As a Hungarian, I am pleased to read these heart warming comments. God bless you all at gloria and all contributors as well, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND NEW LIFE TO YOU FROM HUNGARY
@Jim Dorchak I was thinking the same thing! Happy New Year!
Jim Dorchak
Wow maybe I should move to Hungary! Just beautiful.
good for them .if iwas a few years younger i would move there
Paprika! Eljen
Boy, do I wish I had some Hungarian blood in me. God bless them. However, I bet the pope is upset with them. How dare they have large families and stop the muslin invasion of their country!
This is the antithesis of Europe and North America. 1. To increase the cost of living; 2. To exclude white christian americans (white guilt nonsense); 3. To promote birth control Seems the Hungarians have it right. Good for them!
Joseph a' Christian
As the article states, "common sense." Almighty God bless the people of Hungary, caring for all. This is the way of true Christians, as lived by the Apostles- they made sure ALL were cared for, according to their needs. (Acts of the Apostles)