Cardinal Müller, Private Judgment Decides Whether Marriage Is Valid Or Not

According to Cardinal Gerhard Müller a Catholic may conclude that the marriage he contracted in front of the Church was invalid although he has no canonical proof for this. Talking to the ultralibera…
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Dr Bobus
If private judgment can determine marital validity, then there's no reason to have a religious wedding. On the other hand, Civil ceremony yes because of property rights.
There are three problems with the cardinal's opinion:

1. Without a declaration of nullity from a tribunal judge or bishop, no one can marry in a Catholic Church. Therefore, no such second marriage can be valid.

2. Does anyone know the grounds that are used today to declare marriages null? Arguments like lack of due discretion, psychological incapacity, failure to form a communion of life, … More
Former prefect of Holy See doesn't know Council-of-Trent canons.
Well then ... anathema sit!
A majority of the Hierarchy have joined the Great Apostasy & have shown themselves to be but courtiers, hirelings, quizlings, and weasels...
Resist heresy ,even if it comes from a pope cardinal or clergy
Private judgement : The protestantization of the Church is complete! RIP Catholic Church.
This is good, the masks are falling down
Question: The pastoral-application guidelines of Amoris laetitia of the Buenos Aires bishops, which were praised by the Pontiff, have been published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis. How do you rate them?

Answer Müller: "This is an issue on which I would not like to comment."