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“God Made You Gay” - Pope Francis

Last week, Pope Francis met several hours with Juan Carlos Cruz, an alleged victim of homosexual abuse of Chilean Father Fernando Karadima.

Talking to Spanish El País, Cruz said that he spoke detailed about the abuse and "cried" and he outed himself as a homosexual.

Francis reacted emotional and touchy-feely. He “put his hand” on Cruz’ shoulder and said “Cry baby”.

According to Cruz, Francis said, “Juan Carlos, it does not matter that you are gay. God made you like that and he loves you like that.”

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsUswmkxvzoa
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@Radulf "Does God also make people heretic? Does God also make people retarded"

Apparently Francis's god does............
Er..... NO Sir! If you check the Gospels - I think you'll find it's SATAN inspires mankind to Sin.

Call that miserable fallen angel (who will have his head crushed by Our Lady) "God" if you want to. But don't speak for the rest of us..... We're Christ's.

As for his repulsive comment of "Cry baby"

Yuk!!! I'd have fled his presence as though he were the devil himself.
Does God also make people heretic? Does God also make people retarded?
Cruz is willing to believe a lie coming from Bergoglio but is not willing to believe in the Word of God.…/cruz-attributes…
Priest explains how Amoris Laetitia was really written to ‘normalize’ homosexuality…
adeste fideles
Bergoglio, the great liar ..
Dr Bobus
There is no evidence of a gay gene. In fact, the NBA Collins twins are identical, but only one is homosexual.
Gesù è con noi
Cruz is a principal witness in the case of sexual abuse of the pedophile Karadima concealed by Barros who witnessed sexual abuse. But this is not the first homosexual to make that claim his own Gay student whom Bergoglio visited with his boyfriend. Gay activist Yayo Grassi, Bergoglio'former student said that he owes Bergoglio his open and progressive thinking,…/former-… More
We don't know that Francis said this. We do know that the comment is confused and confusing...
Holy Cannoli
asdlljsadf, Yes!

Cruz (an admitted homo) said the pope said these things. We have no other written, taped or independent witness to verify it was said. Cruz has a “dog in the fight” so of course he's going to say some self-serving, homo promo crap and claim Senior Infallible approved.

Admittedly, the pope has said some crazy things in the past but this story doesn't pass the “smell” test.
"According to Cruz...." You trust Cruz more than your pope? With faithful like that, who needs apostates?
paul grech
Bergoglio is not just ignorant. He is actually evil.
Bergoglio is an apostate. He is leading souls into hell

Francis interview book with Dominique Wolton said that he allows homosexual 'civil union' & to the question: "What is the main sin? his answer was: 'Everything that is below the waist is the least of it, and if a priest asks you why, with whom ?, or how? ... take that priest to a psychologist' "…/the-… More
Gesù è con noi
Bergoglio does not profess the Catholic faith because he is an apostate.
Cruz has been twice victimized: it was raped for the first time by a sodomite priest and now spiritually raped by Bergoglio, who kill him both the soul and the body, turning him into a sodomite apostate.
Nobody is born, gay "As a scientist I can say that homosexuality is made" Dr. Jokin de Irala, a doctor and researcher at … More
No way.
This popes actions speak louder than his words; He is very pro homosexual.
How quickly the "faithful" give wings to slander.
What a cross that despicable, heretic, false pope will find himself nailed to in Hell someday.