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Masonic Grand Master: Francis Is “Illuminated Tyrant”

Giuliano Di Bernardo is a former Grand Master of the Masonic Grand Orient of Italy and of the Gran Loggia regolare d’Italia.

In April, Di Bernardo state in a radio-interview with Border Nights that “global society cannot be governed by democracy" but by a “community of wise men who expressed the One, the illuminated Tyrant.”

In a February 2016 interview the daily Libero asked Di Bernardo the question, “What is your prototype of an illuminated tyrant?” to which Di Bernardo replied, “If I have to indicate a name, I would say the Pope.”

Source: Fabio Cancelli

Gesù è con noi
The Vatican
Code of Canon Law of 1917, prohibits clerics from joining the Rotary Club and condemns the crime of belonging to Freemasonry (c.2355). Membership in the Rotary Club is punishable by excommunication. Pope Pius XII decreed a ban on the membership of clerics to the Rotary club that has never been revoked, so it is current.
Atention Gloria TV, brethern... Cardinal Maria Martini member of the San Galle mafia (to which Bergoglio belongs), promoter of all kinds of evil inside the Church when he was alive (pro Gay, pro comunion to adulteres, intercomunion of different religions, elimination of celibacy, etc), RECOGNIZED freemason by the Lodge of Italy has the same thoughts as bergoglio on Evangelii Gaudium 47...

Martin… More
Well in all fairness he didn't say Pope Francis. I expect he was saying that the ape church he and his minions are building will have its own ape pope.
The Alta Vendita said the Pope would be brought under Masonic influence, but not be in the Craft, yet in this Conciliar age, who knows?