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Canon Lawer Refutes Cardinal Müller's Heresy

Father Dean Perri, a canon lawyer who served for years in the marriage tribunal of Providence diocese, USA, has refuted a speculation of Cardinal Gerhard Müller according to which a second liaison may be the valid, true marriage of a person before God.

Talking to Church Militant (January 8) Perri explained that a second civil or de facto liaison is never sacramental and therefore invalid in the eyes of the Church. He further recalls that a second marriage cannot be contracted as long as a previous marriage bond still exists or was not declared null by the Church.

It is remarkable that such simple facts have to be explained to a former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

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Dr Stuart Reiss to some extent I could agree with this paradox which end could be cleaning up this mess in the minds of some Churchmen. However, consider that Germany is the source of neo-marxist and other revolutionary philosophy and theology from Luther to Frankfurt school. As one can see poisonous philosophy and theology can be more harmful than skipping all education would have done. As for … More
Thanks to Father Dean for stating the true faith clearly.
Jesus teaches us that we have sorrows in this world, until He returns.
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