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Cardinal Cordes Against Marx’ “Sacrilegious” Idea

Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, 83, writes that Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx is “frighteningly naïve” for his proposal to bless gay concubinages because this would recognise the gay "way of life".

Writing on (February 2), Cordes states that Marx “ignores the clear revelation of God” adding, “Marx does not even mention that homosexuality always contradicts God’s will.” Cordes calls a blessing of gay unions “sacrilegious”.

“How about encouraging mafia activities ‘in individual cases’?”

Picture: Paul Josef Cordes, © Karl-Michael Soemer, CC BY-SA, #newsVmilaguoro

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Mr Cordrd do you know what Negligent homicide is !!!! Do you ?!!! I will tell you.
Negligent homicide is a much lower intent crime and is used as a charge when one person causes the death of another through criminal negligence. The charge does not involve premeditation, but focuses on what the defendant should have known and the risks associated with what he did know.

Now do you know ? And …
It is your office to protect the faithful !!! Dam you defrock this priest or resign your office.
Mr Paul Josef Cordes do you intend to blame the faithful for Marx sin like Francis did. Fullfill your office and defrock this priest. laicization him for misconduct or resign your office.
Cardinal Marx he is not naive ,he knows very well what he is doing he is going against God and the church doctrine ,
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Mr Paul Josef Cordes you are of a high rank (cardinal) this testifies to your intelligence and power to effect. Therefore why would you make little of this issue by calling it naive of something that merits death. ??!!!?!? What does this tell us about you. You are a cardinal you have the power to relieved him of his Priestley duties and office. Why don't you ? instead all you can do it say he … More
I think its the other way around it is you who are frighteningly naïve if you think for a moment he is naive. This guy is not naive but very deliberate and intentional and convicted and passionate. Thus is a far cry from naive. That he is either gay himself and or a freemanson looking to demoralize the church. This is way past naive Our Lord calls for his death so does the bible and Pope pius V. … More