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No “Conspiracy Theory”: Second Eucharistic Prayer Was Written in Restaurant

Father Dominic Allain writes that many facts concerning the liturgical reform (1969/70) were once dismissed as "conspiracy theories". But then they turned out to be historically accurate.

Allain points on (January 31) to the widely known fact that the modernist Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, the inventor of the New Mass, wrote the Second Eucharistic Prayer on the fly in a Roman trattoria.

This product de facto replaced the Roman Canon which is of Apostolic origin and was used unchanged for nearly two millenniums.

Allain further reminds that before the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) out of 2109 bishops only one wanted the entire Mass in vernacular language.

Picture: Annibale Bugnini, #newsRllmwvqqjt
Why do you always care about New Mass? Why not about the new ordinations? If the Apostolic Succession is interrupted then is an even bigger catastrophe:

On the supposed invalidity of the Novus Ordo of episcopale consecrations due to its Spirit Christology
Who is to say folks don't care about the new ordinations? One mess at a time.
@pgmgn : Well, there's no Mass without valid ordinations.
And there's no pushing Catholics to open their eyes until they're ready--until Providence provides enough shock and awe to wake the sleeping giant.
Hannibal ante in porta
De Profundis
Kwasniewski calls Annibale Bugnini a “seemingly well intentioned Machiavellian”
That's great if the objective is to ignore the realities surrounding the devastation in the vineyard and "play" nice while leaving seeds ever-present to regrow. Like mowing dandelions.
There is no such thing as a well intentioned Machiavellian. To think that you can lie and deceive even the Pope is diabolical. No! I'm sure the book he read is quite convincing but the overarching parameters governing Bugnini's work are clear. The fact he was a simplistic man is neither here nor there. There is one overriding belief that he held to that is quite diabolical "the Catholic Rite of … More
Dr Bobus
I hope the food was more nourishing than EPII
Don Reto Nay
I was probably in La Frusta :-)
Wasn't it Bugnini who altered the Masses of Holy Week?
I'm sure it must have been at the time when Pope Pius XII was ill and near to death.

Since Pope St Pius V's Bull "Quo Primum" forbids a new Missal to be used - or for any changes to be made to it whatsoever , and prohibits any alterations to the Sacramental Rites forever - it is very understandable that Our Lord announced "A new Rite of … More
November 7, 1882

“Thunder is roaring around the Vicar of Christ. An assembly of the Fathers of the Church will put up its councils in opposition to the Father of the Universe.”

October 27, 1884

“Within a short time daughter, only a few priests will be left, who will obey the luminous voice which is the command of all men on earth, as the chief of the most Holy Church.”

November 27, 1902 … More
Is the Trattoria still open? Maybe the food was tastier than EPII.

That Pius XII gave him liturgical responsibilities as Secretary to the Congregation of Rites and allowed him to wreck the Holy Week is a stain on his record. In fact it was only under John XXII that Mgsr Bugnini was temporarily sidelined. Paul VI restored him to favour.