Basketball Star Is Now Sister Rose Marie of the Queen of Angels

Shelly Pennefather, a former Villanova University women’s basketball star, gave up her career to become a cloistered nun, (August 6) wrote.

Shelly chose Villanova for basketball. She currently holds the all-time scoring record for Villanova students. After Villanova she went on to play professionally in Japan.

There, she promised that if she could pull her team out of last place and into the playoffs, she would give her bonus to Mother Teresa’s convent in Pennsylvania.

Four years later in 1991, on the verge of a $200,000 annual salary, the 25-years-old Shelly renounced the world and entered the cloistered Poor Claires' Monastery in Alexandria, Virginia.

In 1994, Shelly became Sister Rose Marie of the Queen of Angels.


Oh, so, so beautiful. Sister Rose Marie pray for me!
What a great family, what a great coach, what courage! Look how beautifully they carry their cross.
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