Swiss Nuncio Blames Youth For Vocation Crisis

Archbishop Thomas Gullickson (67), the Apostolic Nuncio in Switzerland, has changed his mind regarding the vocation crisis.

He writes on his blog (May 13) that for too long he has been keying the vocation crisis to the importance of good bishops.

Now he suggests that young Catholic men should give the [often rotten] seminary in their home dioceses a try.

It is Gullickson’s latest insight “to place a double portion for the vocations crisis where it belongs, namely on the shoulders of those called.”

Picture: Thomas Gullickson, © Mnikh&Ipatiy Vashchyshyn, CC BY-SA, #newsEhvyqjtmtw
Jim Dorchak
Can you hear that????? Just listen close........... Yeah there it is!
It is the sound of a Bishop knowing that his ill placed efforts were and are useless, as he prepares to be dragged down to hell for betraying his faith and his duty.
Have a nice fall this spring!
Dr Bobus wise Catholic who knows what attracts vocations would implement in practice. Abp. Lefebrve didn't criticize youth or ask to do job for him. In contrary, he organized for Catholic men seminary based on Catholic theology and philosophy with Latin liturgy. The fruits are countable.
Dr Bobus
He's not a modernist. And he no doubt knows that the FSSP, SSPX and other groups with Latin liturgy have no problems attracting vocations.
What can modernists achieve other than blame everyone but themselves for apostolic failure? Imposing guilt in minds of remaining faithful serves to induce the acceptance to end priestly celibacy in Catholic Church.