Father Nicolini Continues Manipulation War Against Celibacy

Bologna Father Giovanni Nicolini labelled as “hearsay” – but did not deny - his claim that Amazon deacons simulate Masses and Pope Francis agrees with this.

Nicolini’s words imply that Francis is a hardcore apostate. Nevertheless, the Vatican never denied them.

On September 17, Nicolini told that “I was not referring to a particular event but to voices.” This is implausible as Nicolini’s original account contained precise details.

He also admitted that he made his statement in order to push for abolishing celibacy. Nicolini follows a well-known pattern of the manipulation strategy,

• First: He made outrageous claims, including that Francis lapsed from the Faith.

• Secondly: He softened his claims without denying them.

• Thirdly: The intention of this is to accustom the public to the most outrageous assertions.

• Fourth: Now, the abuse can be introduced, either through a footnote, through the single-case-trick or by simply tolerating and simultaneously denouncing the abuse.

This is how most “reforms” since the Second Vatican Council have been introduced, including Communion in the hand, contraception, abortion, the morning-after-pill, divorce, and homosexual fornication.

Amazon heresy, "The Church must avoid imposing petrified doctrines. It must avoid a corporatist attitude that reserves salvation exclusively to one's own creed." - Instrumentum Laboris Amazon Synod
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