Vatican Starts “Witch-Hunt” To Trace The Author Of “Dictator Pope”

The Vatican has “sparked a frantic witch-hunt” to find the author of the book “Dictator Pope”, writes Australian Journalist Tess Livingston.

The book is written in a factual style and is an Amazon bestseller. Francis is portrayed as the ecclesiastical replication of Argentinian dictator Juan Perón (+1974).

One priest who worked with Archbishop Bergoglio, is quoted saying: “The guy manipulates you with the affections.”


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Sunamis 46
they tie him in chains and log him into the vatican cellar
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The Vatican secret service is clearly inept.

According to a comment on Lifesite News. "Marcantonio VIII (n.1948), XIX prince and duke of Paliano" "An ancient Roman Family with close ties to the Vatican. Pope Martin came from their family. Their Palaces contain artwork to rival the Sistine Chapel."…
@knizhnik they will tell him that he’s been a very naughty boy.
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Just like the Nazis, the Vatican will not tolerate anything but the party line.
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And what when / if they find him?
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