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Did the Vatican Donate To Hillary’s Campaign?

Libero Milone resigned as the Vatican's Auditor General because he was trying to make transparent ambiguous money-maneuvers, through which around one million Dollars from Peter’s Pence were allegedly donated to Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion and pro-gay electoral campaign according to Piero Laporta on La Verità (July 4).

Such rumours have been circulating since February 2016.

Picture: Hillary Clinton, #newsHkcsasfvcp

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Maudie N Mandeville
Oh my goodness: global warming (God made a mistake with his CO2), muslim migration, illegal aliens, G̶̷e̶̷n̶̷e̶̷s̶̷i̶̷s̶̷ 9̶̷: 6̶̷ (what does God know?). Everything Francis believes. Everything HIllary believes in. But this is a question?
@Dr Stuart Reiss
I'm laughing a lot about your comments, very good humour.
It's a fact that Piero Laporta made the terrible Claim in La Verità. Would he do so without reason? Than it's his responsibility. Once it's printed you cannot ignore it.
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@Dr Stuart Reiss GTV would certainly be wrong to present rumours as facts. If they present rumours clearly as rumours, I'd say they perform a valuable function, and I'm not referring to "itching ears".
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Are they rumours or facts? If they are rumours only then GTV is wrong to present them as if it's fact