Brazilian Intelligence Agency: Amazonian Synod Hijacked By Leftwing Liberal Clergy

The Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) fears that the October 2019 Bishops’ Synod in Rome will be exploited by the clergy to promote leftwing politics and to attack the "conservative" Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro.

The Synod is - in theory - about the Amazonian region where less than 3 million people live.

According to (February 10), Augusto Heleno, a retired Army General and Brazilian minister for the “Institutional Security Cabinet”, is “worried” and wants to “neutralize” the danger.

Now, agents of the Intelligence Agency are assigned to monitor the Synod's preparatory meetings.

There is reasonable suspicion that the Synod is used as a pretext to push for more relativist destruction like abolishing celibacy.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsBeapmxguiw
Arrest these heretics. Everyone knows this synod is for married priests.
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Sadly, Conciliar bishops are mostly Communists or some other sort of unbeliever. This synod will result in even greater pollution of the Magisterium and agitation against family life and property rights.
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